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Special Care Aide in Pryor, OK at Jordan

Date Posted: 2/14/2018

Job Snapshot

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  • Location:
    Pryor, OK
  • Job Type:
    Health Care
  • Experience:
    Not Specified
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Job Description

 The Special Care Aide fills a very importantposition at Jordan Health Services. Following an orientation of the Client’s approved tasks, which aSupervisor may conduct by telephone or in person, the Special Care Aide isscheduled to go into the home of clients on an “On-Call' basis to provide basic care for elderly or disabledpeople who cannot do so for themselves. This involves everything from bathing the client to cooking certainmeals for the client and cleaning the client’s home.  The Special Care Aide spends a lot of timewith elderly people in their home, and therefore must be very compassionate,patient and responsible.  He/she mustalso be constantly aware of the client’s safety and well being and ready toassist in emergencies.



•        Ability to read, write, followdirections and communicate effectively.

•        Havethe ability to think analytically.

•        Bending/standing an average of 4-5hours per day.

•        Riding/driving/sitting an averageof 100-150 miles per day.

•        Push/Pull/Lift an average of 50-75lbs.

•        Be able to work in a stressfulenvironment.


•        Provide services to unstaffedmembers in the complete service area of the branch office.

•        Willgo into the home of clients on an “On-Call'basis to provide basic care for elderly or disabled people.

•        Report to office at 8am daily topick up schedule unless otherwise directed by scheduler to report directly toa member’s home.

•        Provide services to members intheir homes a minimum of 75% of daily time.

•        Assist client with bath, shampoo,shave, oral hygiene, and all personal care.

•        Prepare meals for client whenindicated.

•        Laundering of client’s belongings.

•        Light housekeeping in rooms usedby client.

•        Maintain kitchen and bathroom in asanitary manner.

•        Observe for medication compliance,and report non-compliance or adverse side effects to supervisor.

•        Perform general householdactivities such as: essential shopping and errands.

•        Perform household chores such as:mopping, provide safe access inside the home, yard and/or walkway maintenanceto provide safe access to and from the home.

•        Maintain an attitude of respectfor the client.

•        Present a neat and cleanappearance and follow agency dress code.

•        Notify supervisor of complicationsin medical condition.

•        Notify supervisor of necessarychanges in POC.

•        Represent the agency in a loyalmanner.

•        Submit reports, time sheets, andrequired paperwork in a timely manner.

•        Abide by thecompany Code of Ethical Conduct.

•        Participate in continuingin-service training.

•        Utilize Universal Precautions asdefined by the Center of Disease Control.

•        Maintain client confidentiality byassuring that no information concerning an individual be disclosed in anyform identifiable with the individual, without the informed consent of suchindividual.

•        When not in the field providingservices to members in their homes, perform general office duties in thebranch as assigned by management.

•        Assume any other duties asdesignated by management.



 Must be atleast 18 years of age and has demonstrated competency, when competency cannotbe determined through education and experience, to perform the tasks assignedby the supervisor.

Skills & Abilities:

 1.   Have the ability to motivateothers in a positive manner.

2.   Have the ability to read andwrite.

3.   Have the ability to understandand carry out instructions.

4.   Have a sympathetic attitudetoward the care of the sick, the elderly and the disabled.

5.   Have the ability tocommunicate effectively with patients, with their families and withco-workers.

6.   Have the ability to organizework and schedule effectively.


       1.   General

A.   Must have satisfactoryreferences from previous employers.

B.   Must be at least 18 years ofage.

C.   Must be able to pass acriminal history check.

D.   Must be able to pass a randomdrug test.

E.   Must be able to provide owndependable transportation to and from client’s home.

       2.     HazardExposure (High Risk)

A.   Bloodborne Pathogens.

B.   Sharps.

C.   Bodily Fluids.

D.   Solid Waste.

        3.     Physical Requirements

A.   Heavy lifting.

B.   Ability to participate inphysical activity.

C.  Ability to do extensive bending, lifting and standing on a regularbasis.

D.  Ability to work for extended period of time while standing and beinginvolved in physical activity.


Job Requirements


•         Ability to read, write, follow directions and communicate effectively.

•         Have the ability to think analytically.

•         Bending/standing an average of 4-5 hours per day.

•         Riding/driving/sitting an average of 100-150 miles per day.

•         Push/Pull/Lift an average of 50-75 lbs.

•         Be able to work in a stressful environment.


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